Mask It or Casket

I saw a post on Facebook talking about the Click It or Ticket It campaign but for COVID-19. It literally said Mask It Or Casket, so I decided such a brilliant campaign needed a logo. I based it off the current Click It or Ticket It logo.

Feel free to save this, upload it to your own Facebook and tell people you made it. I don’t care.

The only thing that would make this better is if I was better at photoshop and could make the casket wear the mask.

Moose Hunting

So, after five days of hunting, I finally found a perfect moose. It is ridiculous how hard this is. I went to every location on the map that shows the moose icon, threw down potent bait, saved and reloaded, the whole nine yards. So, if you’re having trouble getting those moose pelts, or any other pelts for that matter, he’s what I did.

I found a post on Reddit that said he found moose at this location more consistently.

I finally found one after I made it there. I refused to go through that again, so I found this video on YouTube. If you’re not above cheating, I suggest doing this for the stupid moose pelts you need.

Pow! Ha, ha!

I went on a bit of a punching spree during the EdgeGamers Blackmesa event before I was finally able to get a taunt kill on someone coming out of spawn.