Meet Sugar.

While I was hunting for perfect moose, the White Arabian crossed my path. Obviously, I had to get her. And bonus, I found a perfect moose on the way back to camp! Her name is Sugar.

A Big Pile O’ Garbage

This is on my previous play-through. I went over to Hanging Dog Ranch and cleaned out all the O’Driscolls. Obviously, after I was done, I needed to put them all in a pile and burn them.

Karma Restored

The damn bounty hunters forced me to kill two dogs, so I felt like I had to realign my karma by killing a bunch of the KKK.

Savage Speed Society

This is something I’ve been thinking about and working on for awhile now. This will be a group of individuals who create and host high quality car related events, whether it’s car shows, racing or just cruising. The organization will be located off an alleyway on Orchardville Avenue, be owned by Adam Savage and managed by Clark Austinson.

Here are the two vans I’ve skinned for the group to use. I will also be looking at making a grunge wrap for some sort of muscle car.

The logo and color scheme are based on the Summit Racing Equipment logo.