What’s up, Icarus?

Got caught up in GTA tonight, didn’t get anything interested in Red Dead, so here’s a screenshot from yesterday’s explorations.

Looks like Icarus flew too high.

Shiny New Helmet

Working on the rock carvings side quest when I stumbled upon one of the unique hats you can find in Red Dead Redemption 2. This is the Morion Helmet. Looks pretty ridiculous but I’m rockin’ the hell out of it.

If you have the game and need some assistance finding the hats, you can use this guide to help you.

My Grapeseed Homies

Found some homies to hang with in Grapeseed. Thankfully, COVID-19 hasn’t made it to San Andreas yet, so we don’t have to practice social distancing.

Ladies First.

Every now and then you’ll encounter people out on the trail and very now and then, they’ll be garbage who need disposed of.

Scumbag criminals get a righteous serving of justice.