Rebranding of SSS: Part 4

I finally finished most of the skins for the Savage Speed Shop.

Below are the changed to the building we use. I changed all the banners to reflect the new scheme.

I also finished the rest of the car skins, I think they turned out really good.

I have a few more skins I’m going to end up working on as well but we’ll get everything established and then worry about that.

Rebranding of SSS: Part 3

So, I had a brainstorm last night for the SADPS trucks while I was working on the SSS skin for the F250 Crew Cab, so obviously they got a rework.

Also, here’s the SSS skin for the F250. I will also be working on a wicked nice racing style livery for it, so events staff and other employees can tow their race cars to events.

All of this is coming together very nicely. I’m super excited for this to get off the ground.

Rebranding of SSS: Part 2

So, the biggest piece of the rebranding is going to be that SSS and SART will be merging and SSS will be operating a couple of flatbeds. However, SSS will not be providing service to civilians, they will only be providing tows to LSPD/BCSO/SASP as SADPS contractors.

Rebranding of SSS: Part 1

Working on a massive overhaul of my business in the Grand Theft Auto RP server I play in. My business, the Savage Speed Shop, will become a full service repair shop.

I picked up this Vapid Sandking Utility truck to use as a mobile repair truck during events. Obviously, I had to add a bit of my flair to it.

The “certified” logos are not original work by any means. I made my own the fit the theme, but they are not an original thought.

My Grapeseed Homies

Found some homies to hang with in Grapeseed. Thankfully, COVID-19 hasn’t made it to San Andreas yet, so we don’t have to practice social distancing.